Adam Sarwar – Biography

Adam Sarwar

Adam Sarwar, studied Economics at The University of Georgia, Athens, and is the founder of Crypto Space Cadet, an online freelancing business he created to assist crypto trading businesses with creative content and social media relating to emerging technologies, including Bitcoin, blockchain DLT, and cryptocurrencies.

Interested in how emerging tech can help humanity and the evolution of society, he enjoys brainstorming about innovation and connecting with like minded people.

Adam’s initial interest in innovative technologies began with his technologic business position at CDW, which then emerged in asset and inventory solutions to variety of industries while working with Barcodes Inc.

As an innovator and influencer of social and technological trends, Adam noticed that social media was emerging as a new way for people to connect with one another over the Internet in ways that were once impossible.

Adam’s enjoys learning about the crypto space, blockchain tech, artificial intelligence, robotics, the Internet of Things, renewable energy and other technologies that aid in creating a world of abundance.