Aston Martin’s new Lagonda All-Terrain Concept

lagonda all-terrain concept

Aston Martin confirmed that the new Lagonda All-Terrain Concept will be revealed at the Geneva Motor show 2019, sort of high-riding take on the original Vision Concept unveiled last year.

It was announced that this will be the first model Lagonda to being put in production.

According to Aston Martin, Lagonda has produced the wolrd’s first luxury zero-emission SUV – “a car boasting extraordinary style and space efficiency combined with a rakish design language.”

Still, very little is known about the Lagonda All-Terrain Concept.

It is expected to share its bold design theme with the Vision Concept – a huge four-door, fully autonomous, pure-electric four-seat large SUV.

The full-frontal teaser image reveals sharp angles and long, low design lines.

Lagonda is expected to set to launch its first production vehicle in 2021.