Audi Q4 e-Tron Concept revealed


Audi’s move towards electric cars isn’t a surprise, as they are making strides towards more sustainable electric cars, and intend to have their new Q4 e-Tron concept EV on sale towards the end of 2020.

Audi’s first total electric car the e-Tron, was revealed not too long ago at the Geneva Motor Show in 2018 and are finally on sale for delivery.

The Q4 e-Tron concept is a compact SUV with four doors that resembles Audi’s larger e-Tron model, and includes more sustainable interior materials versus the typical leather.

Audi claims that their new e-Tron will include an 82 kwh battery with a 279-mile range, which will push out 225 kW to all four wheels, or the equivalent of 302 bhp.

The Q4 e-Tron concept will be Audi’s fifth fully electric vehicle to go on sale, in an appealing effort to move towards sustainable EVs.

Author: Adam Sarwar

Adam Sarwar