Buttons – Comeback at Mobile World Congress

phone buttons

Buttons made a comeback with F(x)tec’s new Pro1 Android phone, which includes a pull out QWERTY keyboard and will be on sale in July for $649.

Launched by a London based startup at the Mobile World Congress event, several phones were on display with buttons versus touch screens with haptic feedback.

Adrian Li Mow Ching, the Founder of F(x)tec, claims that “people want more than the single slab,” which has been shown with the recent release of folding dual screen phones released by Samsung and Huawei.

“Haptic feedback never gives the same satisfactions as pressing a physical button.”

The Mobile World Congress event revealed several new phones and new features, although the Pro1 button idea was take from Nokia and BlackBerry.

Author: Adam Sarwar

Adam Sarwar