Facebook launches a new petitions feature

Today Facebook will launch a new petitions feature called Community Actions, which will allow coverage of political demands.
The feature will let users create a petition, requesting a change from their elected officials. Relevant government departments can be tagged and Facebook friends can be asked to support the action.
In a separate section, supporters will be able to comment, create events and raise funds for the cause. You can only participate in a certain action’s discussions if you choose to support it.

Furthermore as it is expected the more people press the “Support” button, the more likely the cause to become viral.

If a user is against the Action, the opposition can’t be registered with a Downvote-like button. The Action itself can be shared with followers, commented or reported.
Facebook already has impressive impact on people, when it comes to allowing them to organize important events and over the past few years it has launched a variety of features, designed to keep people more involved in their communities.

The site is intentionally trying to concentrate Community Actions to be more focused on governmental issues rather that any random cause.
The petitions feature will be first available in the United States. There is still no information whether or not Facebook will launch the option in other countries.