Facebook’s New Political Ad Rules


Facebook is initiating new rules for political ads in an effort to curb election abuse within the EU, which is timely considering European Parliament elections are coming up in May.

Scheduled to begin on March 29th, the social network claims that transparency is a “top priority” according to Facebook’s senior executive, Richard Allen.

Criticized for not being more proactive in stopping foreign adversaries from manipulating American elections, Facebook’s new rules for political ads will label and identify advertisers moving forward, including how much they paid for the political ad, and who they have targeted.

Facebook will use a combination of artificial intelligence and user reporting to fine-tune their enforcement of political advertising policies, and has developed an ‘Ads Library’ where political classified ads will be stored for seven years.

Facebook already has similar political advertising rules in place within the UK, India and the US, ahead of the elections for each country in order to help reduce the weaponization of social media, and hold themselves to a higher level of transparency and accountability.

Author: Adam Sarwar

Adam Sarwar