Google Forms AI Ethics Council

Google, known for a past motto, ‘Don’t Be Evil,” has recently launched an external group named the Advanced Technology External Advisory Council (ATEAC.)

ATEAC will address “Google’s most complex challenges” in regards to AI principles, ethics and emerging technologies, including the fair use of machine learning, facial recognition, and automation.

Google’s new external advisory council consists of eight members with backgrounds in public policy and the academic world who aim to help ensure that Google is “socially beneficial” and “accountable to people.”

For example, Google has had a number of employee resignations because many of them thought moral and ethical lines have been crossed in how they planned to use AI and other emerging technologies. 

In June 2018, they said they would not renew their contract with the Pentagon for the development of artificial intelligence in drones, known as Project Maven. 

Ms. Bryson, author of Robots Should Be Slaves, argues that people should not humanize robots and treat them like humans, and that people also need to be held responsible for the damage that AI may cause.

Author: Adam Sarwar

Adam Sarwar