Honda To Close Swindon Car Plant


Honda has announced plans to close their Swindon auto manufacturing plant, where Honda made 160,000 Civics over the past year, with about 90% of their Civics being exported to the European Union.

Closing the Swindon’s Honda plant will lead to a loss of about 3,500 employees, and according to Justin Tomlinson, a local MP who had spoken with Honda, “There is not expected to be any job losses, or changes in production until 2021.”

Union members express their concern over Honda’s decisions to close the Swindon plant, referring to the decision as a “shattering body blow.”

Des Quinn, a national officer expressed his concern about the negative impact on workers, their families, and the thousands of jobs within the supply chain, as the car industry used to be something of pride for the UK.

Honda claims that the move to close the Swindon manufacturing plant is a result of global trends and “all possible outcomes caused by logistics and border issues.”

Author: Adam Sarwar

Adam Sarwar