Jaguar XF 2019 – updated special edition

Jaguar XF 2019


Jaguar Chequered Flag XF special edition updated for 2019 with new tech.

Jaguar adds updated technologies and RDE2-compliant engines that meet upcoming 2021 emissions regulations ahead of time, adding appeal to their lineup.

Their updated XF saloon starts at £34,950 and their XF Sportsbrake starts at £37,390.

Jaguar’s rear-wheel drive diesel variants with 161bhp and 178bhp now avoid the 4% benefit-in-kind surcharge that affects other non compliant diesels in the UK.

Per Jaguar, this saves drivers £2304 over three years as well as £245 in the first year vehicle excise tax.

Along with improved performance and reduced CO2 emissions, Jaguar boasts that their updated Chequered Flag XF special edition adds ultra-low rolling resistance tires, a smart phone pack that allows for integration with their 10.0in touchscreens, now standard across all models.

Author: Adam Sarwar

Adam Sarwar