Musk reveals the Raptor Engine’s first firing

musk raptor engine firing
@elonmusk on Twitter

On Sunday SpaceX CEO Elon Musk revealed pictures of the Starship Raptor Engine’s first firing.

With the SpaceX’s prototype Starship people will be carried on quick hops across the world and eventually to Mars. That phenomenal vehicle will be powered by new Raptor rocket engine.

Musk posted on Twitter pictures and videos from the first test firing of the full-scale, built-for-flight Raptor engine for his Starship super-rocket, expressing his pride of the “great work” by SpaceX team. A slight green hue can be observed in the rocket flame, later explained by Musk on Twitter as  “either camera saturation or a tiny bit of copper from the chamber”.

Earlier last week Musk posted pictures showing the Starship raptor engine and declaring SpaceX preparation for firing it. They announced moving the testing of the Starship prototype to their south Texas facility.