Apple Adds Hey Siri to New AirPods

Apple has added their virtual assistant Siri to their new wireless AirPods, enabling users to activate Siri without needing to press a button.

Considered to be smarter than regular wireless headphones, Apple’s new AirPods also boast faster connectivity thanks to a new ‘H1’ chip, doubling the speeds of their previous model, which enables smoother connections when switching between mobile apps and devices.

Apple’s new AirPods provide an additional hour of talk time thanks to an improved battery, and will cost $159 USD, and $40 extra for the AirPods’ wireless charging case.

In a move to grab a larger share of the smartphone accessories market, Apple is finding ways to increase useful smartphone add-ons to the user experience.

Apple’s new focus on increasing the sale of smartphone accessories may help offset the decline in iPhone sales.

Author: Adam Sarwar

Adam Sarwar