Web Hosted CRM

 500.00  399.00

A physical or virtual dedicated machine service, packed with a GPLv3 open-source CRM, including:

  • Unlimited users, roles, teams, and editable functions
  • Contacts, leads and accounts management
  • Supports tasks, calls, meetings and opportunities
  • Runs e-mail campaigns and includes editable templates
  • Convert your own portal leads and create their accounts
  • Upload documents or attach files to your stream
  • Track your calendar events and get notified
  • Dynamic allocation of additional features, statuses and input
  • Customization features, logo implementation
  • Up to 1 hour of monthly phone support/Consulting by Princeberk at a scheduled appointment


All in one customer relationship management system. Hosted on a virtual or dedicated device, this solution will ensure all-round coverage of your leads, contacts and business development database.

Equipped with various tools, such as “Opportunities”, “Meetings”, “Tasks” and many others, your internal management can be optimized in order to withstand or even stand out from the experienced companies.

Organize all your privileges and place all your customers at a proper managed environment.



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