Samsung Galaxy S10 Coming with Screen Protector

samsung galaxy s10

Samsung Galaxy S10s are an expensive investment, and many protect their smartphones with a screen protector, often manufactured by a third party.

Screen protectors can be a bit thick, and this has been a problem for the Galaxy S10s as many of the third party screen protectors essentially disable the phone’s in screen fingerprint sensor.

Samsung’s solution is to include a screen protector with their Galaxy S10 smartphone, a move other manufacturers have also made to provide an enhanced customer experience.

Not every Samsung model includes a screen protector, as not every model has a finger reader built into their screen, and has a sensor built into a button instead.

A reminder that it’s a good idea to check if your screen protector will work with your phone, and if you’re lucky, maybe your phone will include a screen protector with it like with Samsung’s Galaxy S10.

Author: Adam Sarwar

Adam Sarwar