Samsung’s foldable phone – coming soon

samsung foldable phone

The time for foldable phones may have finally arrived. On its 2018 developer conference on Nov. 8, Samsung officially revealed its Infinity Flex display. The company announced its plans to start mass production of the Flex display in the next few months.

That foldable display is supposed to appear in a unannounced yet phone with a possible release date during the first half of 2019.

The phone — known as the Galaxy X, Galaxy F (the name is still rumoured) will be the first foldable phone produced by a major smartphone manufacturer and it causes mass excitement briefly appearing in events and in the news.

Various reports are speculating about the Samsung foldable phone’s specifications – whether its size will be of a smartphone, tablet or both, the screen will be folding in or out, having batteries on either side of the phone etc.

Official report on specifications, price and release date hasn’t been announced yet, however it is expected to be unveiled in the next few months.