SFO Dropped Rolls-Royce Investigations

The Serious Fraud Office, SFO, dropped their investigation into Rolls Royce due to “insufficient evidence” or because it was “not in the public interest” to continue.

Rolls-Royce had entered a ‘deferred prosecution agreement ‘ in 2017 for the possibility of bribery and corruption that took place over “three decades, seven jurisdictions, and three businesses,” where they Rolls ended up paying £497.25 million, according to SFO director Lisa Osofsky.

Rolls Royce had confessed that they falsified accounts to hide illegal activities, middlemen they paid off, along with millions of pounds paid to bribe businesses in Thailand, China, Indonesia, and Russia.

The SFO also confirmed that no one at Rolls was arrested or will be prosecuted even after admitting fault, which, the anti-corruption group, Transparency International UK thinks of as “absurd,”

Those close to the matter think that the management teams should not have allowed bribes to happen and that the case doesn’t represent one of justice being serviced, and may need to be looked at again