Skype Adds New Blur Background Feature


Skype’s new Blur Background feature improves user experience and focus during video communications, something the Microsoft Team has been working on from 2018.

Available on Skype’s video chat desktop and laptops apps for now, the feature uses artificial intelligence to recognize the human face and form, and differentiates these features from the background.

This makes using Skype’s Blur background feature easy to use, “making a call with background blur just as relaxed and easy to use as a regular video call.”

Although not perfect, an improvement for embarrassing situations that can derail important business video calls as many are now working in virtual offices, at home or elsewhere.

A prime of where blur Background could have been useful was when Robert Kelly’s video chat that was somewhat interrupted when his children walked into the room, humorous, but distracting for business.

Author: Adam Sarwar

Adam Sarwar