Top-selling cars vulnerable to keyless theft

Keyless cars theft

The keyless technology has resulted in hundreds of popular cars being vulnerable to thieves.

The German General Automobile Club (ADAC) has found security flaws in 99% of the models tested, including four of the top five models sold in UK – Ford Fiesta, Volkswagen Golf, Nissan Qashqai and Ford Focus.

The German car club tested 237 keyless cars – more than 30 brands have made insecure cars, including Audi, BMW, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Peugeot, Renault, Skoda and Volvo.

Only three models of all the tested vehicles were found non-ductile to being both unlocked and started. Jaguar Land Rover and their latest models – Land Rover Discovery, Range Rover and the Jaguar i-Pace- use technology that can more accurately determine the distance from the car.

The so called “relay” method is believed to be ensuring a keyless car theft in as little as 18 seconds using cheap electronic equipment.

The level of car thefts is much lower compared to the results from 1990s, however it has been rising now due to the keyless cars technology.

Although there have been multiple keyless car thefts reported over the past few years, new models vulnerable to such kind of thefts are still being produced.

Mike Hawes, head of the Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders (SMMT), said: “Industry takes vehicle crime extremely seriously and any claims otherwise are categorically untrue. New cars are more secure than ever, and the latest technology has helped bring down theft dramatically with, on average, less than 0.3% of the cars on our roads stolen.”